Expository talks/lectures/tutorials

  • Machine Learning in Practice, 2021
    Cotaught three lectures as a part of this course which was offered across the TIFR system.

  • Matrix factorization: applications and algorithms [Slides]
    Seminar on Graphs, Matrices and Applications, IIT Kharagpur, 2020
    Faculty Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence in Human Life, Panjab University, 2020
    Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop on Linear Algebra with applications to data analysis and control, IIT Bombay, 2019

  • Understanding nonconvex optimization [Slides]
    Workshop on Advanced Machine Learning, M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru, 2019
    Tutorial at ISIT (Jointly with Sujay Sanghavi), 2019

  • Introductory course on convex optimization
    JTG summer school, IIT Madras, 2019 Lecture notes

  • Lectures at summer schools
    (Optimization) IFCAM summer school, IISc Bangalore, 2019
    (Optimization) ACM summer school on Algorithmic and Theoretical Aspects of Machine Learning, IIIT Bangalore, 2019
    (Optimization) Discussion meeting on Statistical Physics of Machine Learning, ICTS Bengaluru, 2020 [Video Part1 Part2]
    (Optimization) Mini-workshop on Modern Optimization, IIT Madras, 2020

  • What is machine learning? How can it help? [Slides]
    Dept. of Physics, IISc Bangalore, 2018

Research talks

  • Reverse Experience Replay: A Way to Learn From Dependent Data [Slides]
    C-MINDS Seminar, IIT Bombay, 2021
    Google Learning Theory Conference, 2021

  • Minimax Optimization with Smooth Algorithmic Adversaries [Slides]
    DST-BMBF Indo German Workshop on AI, 2021

  • Pitfalls of Deep Learning [Slides]
    MINDS & CIS Seminar, Johns Hopkins University, 2021 [Video]
    Google Algorithms Seminar, 2021
    ML Reading Group, MSR NYC, 2021
    ATAL Faculty Development Program, University of Mysore, 2021

  • Projection Efficient Subgradient Method and Optimal Nonsmooth Frank Wolfe Method [Slides]
    C-MINDS Seminar, IIT Bombay, 2021
    IIT Kanpur Signal Processing Society Seminar, 2020 [Video]

  • MOReL: Model-Based Offline Reinforcement Learning [Slides]
    AI@Peenya webinar, M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru, 2020

  • What is local optimality in nonconvex nonconcave minimax optimization? [Slides]
    Workshop on Bridging Game Theory and Deep Learning, NeurIPS 2019 [Video]
    International Conference on Continuous Optimization (ICCOPT), Berlin, 2019

  • SGD for Least Squares Regression: Towards Minimax Optimality with the Final Iterate [Slides]

  • Learning Minimax Estimators via Online Learning [Slides]
    Workshop on Advances in Applied Probability, ICTS, Bengaluru, 2019

  • Efficient Algorithms for Smooth Minimax Optimization
    INRIA, Paris, France, 2019

  • Online Non-Convex Learning: Following the Perturbed Leader is Optimal [Slides]
    Theory lunch, CSA Dept., IISc Bangalore, 2019
    Workshop on Stochastic Optimization in Networks and Related Topics, IIT Bombay, 2019

  • Smoothed Analysis of Burer-Monteiro Approach for Low Rank Solutions to SDPs [Slides]
    Workshop on Learning Theory, TIFR, Mumbai, 2019 [Video Part I Part II]
    Allerton Conference on Communication, Computing and Control, UIUC, 2018
    Workshop on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications, Simons Institute, UC Berkeley, 2018 [Video]

  • On Momentum Methods and Acceleration in Stochastic Optimization [Slides]
    MILA, University of Montreal, Canada, 2018 [Video]
    Microsoft Research Montreal, Canada, 2018
    Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK, 2018
    Statistics seminar, University of Cambridge, UK, 2018

  • How to Escape Saddle Points Efficiently [Slides]
    Discussion Meeting on Statistical Physics of Machine Learning, ICTS, Bengaluru, 2020 [Video]
    CSE Dept. Seminar, IIT Bombay, 2019
    Workshop on Modern Trends in Nonconvex Optimization for Machine Learning, ICML, Sweden, 2018
    WNCG Seminar, The University of Texas at Austin, 2018
    DOS Seminar, Georgia Tech, 2018
    Workshop on Algorithms and Optimization, ICTS, Bengaluru, 2018 [Video]
    Representation Learning workshop, Simons Institute, 2017 [Video]

  • Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent [Slides]
    IISA International Conference on Statistics, Hyderabad, 2017
    STCS Colloquium, TIFR Mumbai, 2017
    EE Seminar, IIT Bombay, 2017
    Optimization and Statistical Learning, Les Houches, France, 2017
    Scientific and Statistical Computing Seminar, University of Chicago, 2017
    SINE Seminar, UIUC, 2017
    AI Seminar, UCSD, 2017
    NCC, IIT Madras, 2017

  • Near-Optimal Streaming PCA: Matching Matrix Bernstein with Oja's Algorithm [Slides]
    COLT 2016 [Video]

  • Fast Exact Matrix Completion with Finite Samples
    COLT 2015

  • Non-convex Robust PCA [Slides]
    SIA Group Meeting, EECS MIT 2015
    MSR Summer School, IISc Bangalore 2015 [Part I]
    ECE Seminar, Boston University 2015

  • Statistical Guarantees for Alternating Minimization [Slides]
    MSR New England, 2014 [Video]
    TTI Chicago, 2014
    CSA seminar, IISc Bangalore, 2014
    EE seminar, IIT Bombay, 2014

  • Learning Sparsely-Used Overcomplete Dictionaries
    Simons seminar, UT Austin, 2013
    OPT workshop, NIPS 2013

  • One-Bit Compressed Sensing: Provable Support and Vector Recovery [Slides]
    ICML 2013 [Video]

  • Low-rank Matrix Completion using Alternating Minimization [Slides]
    OPT workshop, NIPS 2012 [Video]
    STOC 2013

  • Learning the Graph of Epidemic Cascades [Slides]
    ACM SIGMETRICS/Performance 2012